Research interests

Italian cinema  |  European cinema (post-1945)  |  Film sound and music  |  Videographic Film Studies  |  Film and landscape  |  Widescreen aesthetics  |  Childhood and film  |  Adaptation studies  |  Filmic representations of the Second World War

Selected Conference Papers

November 2015  |  University of Warwick  |  Rome, Open City: Examining the legacy after seventy years  |  Paper: From Don Pietro to Patriarch: An audiovisual study of Aldo Fabrizi’s performances in Mio figlio professore (Renato Castellani, 1946) and Vivere in pace (Luigi Zampa, 1947)

September 2015  |  University of Warwick  |  Spying on Spies: Popular Representations of Spies and Espionage  |  Paper: ‘Dangerous Angles: Widescreen aesthetics in the Harry Palmer Trilogy 1965 – 1967’

May 2015  |  University of East Anglia  |  The Audio-Visual / Video Essay in Teaching & Research  |  Paper: ‘Neo-melodic montage: The songs of Alessio in Gomorrah (2008) and Gomorrah: The Series (2014)’

July 2014  |  University of Glasgow  |  Screen Studies Conference  |  Paper: ‘Widescreen Landscapes and the Outsider’s Gaze in Paolo Sorrentino’s This Must Be The Place and The Great Beauty

April 2013  |  University of Bedfordshire  |  Spaghetti Westerns in Transit  |  Paper: ‘Pietro Germi, Hybridity and the Roots of the Italo-Western’

September 2011  |  University of Leeds  |  Film Music Conference: Celebrating the Centennials of Bernard Herrmann and Nino Rota  |  Paper: ‘The Godfather’s Godmother: Rota, Fortunella and the Politics of Pastiche’

March 2011  |  York St. John University  |  Partners in Suspense: Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock  |  Paper: ‘On the Road with Hitchcock and Herrmann: Sound, Music and the Car Journey in Vertigo and Psycho

September 2010  |  University of Edinburgh  |  ‘Tu se’ lo mio maestro e ’l mio autore’: International Symposium Fostering Collaboration Across Generations of Italianists  |  Paper: ‘Visconti on Acid: Neo-Viscontian Aesthetics and Luca Guadagnino’s Io Sono L’Amore

July 2009  |  Italian Cultural Institute (Edinburgh)  |  Association for the Study of Modern Italy (ASMI) Postgraduate Conference  |  Paper: ‘From Antony to Cassius: Unpacking Paolo Sorrentino’s Celluloid Jukebox’

July 2008  |  University of Exeter  |  Re-envisioning the Child in Italian Cinema  |  Paper: ‘The child and the representation of landscape in Rossellini’s Germany Year Zero and Tarkovsky’s Ivan’s Childhood

July 2008  |  University of Glasgow  |  Screen Studies Conference  |  Paper: ‘Subjective Soundscapes in Němec’s Diamonds of the Night and Klimov’s Come and See

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